Thursday, September 21, 2017

Berini Super Sport 3 or sale

Classic Moped Spares posted a comment on the Berini Super Sport ad that I posted last year. They've got a very tidy one in stock and the price seems to me to be very fair. What a weird and wonderful machine, can't imagine you would see another one on the road in the UK!

I would be tempted myself but for a combination of too little free cash and a full garage....

Here's the direct link.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Arbuthnot Trial 2017

I've been meaning to ride the Salisbury Motorcycle and Light Car Club's Arbuthnot Trial for a while now and just not quite gotten round to it. Such is the pace of life that there is always something going on that weekend work or family related. The appeal of the event is that it is local and always gets a decent turn out of interesting bikes. The history of the trial dates back to the twenties and it was revived in the eighties, I have clear memories of spectating it with my dad as a child. Back in the early days of the revival the event was for rigid bikes only but as times have moved on it now embraces more recent classic machinery.

I didn't get to ride but I did drag the children along to the lunch stop at the Rushmore Golf Club and snapped a few pictures in the twenty minutes or so I was there before the girls started to complain of boredom! Here's to hoping I can manage to get an entry in for next year!

First of many Ajays.

One of several Greeves entered.

Sweet Royal Enfield Bullet. Heavily, but subtly, modified. I
recognise this machine as a regular entrant in MCC long
distance trials.

Same Enfield, different angle.

As above!

Rigid Matchless properly in the spirit of the event. Sidevalve
Triumph TRW based iron in the background.

Plenty of Ajays and Matchlesses entered.

Don't know my Norton trials bikes well enough to know if this
is a genuine 500T or a lookalike.

Norton close up.

Another AJS.


Unit Triumph special.

And another take on the unit Triumph.

A good few Bantams entered. This one was heavily modded
but it keeps in the spirit of things nicely.

Bantam front end.

Rickman Triumph.

AJS combination.

Another Greeves.

And another Ajay!

Spectator bike. I never can tell if these sidevalve BMW R71s are
the genuine thing or Chinese built Chiang Jiangs.

This BMW R90s is heavily modified and was featured in one
of the monthly mags recently.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Veteran era sidecar stunts

Showing off and messing around on bikes is nothing new. Here's someone trying to impress back in the day. From the clothes and the bike the era appears to be immediately pre-First World War. At a guess the picture is taken in Britain as the image was found in Britain and all looks British apart from the lack of mudguard on the sidecar and that massive headlight on it too.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Honda CB500 1975

Continuing the recent crop of Honda brochures here's the CB500. The CB500 is a rare model in the UK being overshadowed both by its bigger 750 and smaller 400 brothers.

Honda CB500 brochure page 1.

Honda CB500 brochure page 2.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thirties tandem holiday

It's hard to imagine now how popular tandems used to be. There's still tons of venerable models floating around, they are largely unloved - just have a look on ebay and see how many there are. Nowadays they don't command very much money as few want to ride them and they take up a lot of space but back in the day they were very much a thing.

I can remember stories from my grandparents about their tandem adventures. One set of grandparents bought a tandem in the thirties and went on day trips from their home in Mansfield over to Skegness. Another set used to own a gorgeous flat tank Norton Model 18 combination which was traded in sometime in the mid to late thirties for a tandem. Doesn't seem like a fair exchange now!

Anyway here is a photo from the forgotten era of tandems. The bike is fully loaded up, even with a map holder on the handlebars, and it looks rather like the couple are on holiday in the Lake District. Happy times no doubt!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Moto Guzzi V35 Cafe Racer

Most of the time in my job I work long hours at sea but one of the perks is that every so often you hit shore and get an evening or two to explore. Recently I had a few hours in Gibraltar and caught this sweet Guzzi filling up. A perfect cafe racer, it followed a time honoured formula of stripped down simplicity, looked the part, sounded great and best of all was out being used and bringing its owner happiness.